Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Windows XP Netlogon 5719 Errors

Had a new PC to remotely install at a client site. The site is running Windows Server 2003 Domain Controllers and makes use of GPOs to manage the settings and software installation. I added the PC to the domain and placed it in the correct OU for the necessary software installation and rebooted. I was very surprised to not see any files being shifted from the server to the PC. Logged in remotely as Administrator and found that the User policies had been applied, but not the Computer policies.
A look through the Event Log found the dreaded Netlogon 5719 error - "no domain controller could be found". Tried locking down the network card to use 100Mbps/Full Duplex. No joy. Tried setting ExpectedDialupDelay in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Netlogon\Parameters. Still no joy.

The network card was an SiS 900 integrated NIC and an old driver was being used. Upgraded to the latest version of the driver. Still no joy. Right. Let off some steam by vigorously chopping some wood that really, really needed it. Still didn't help my GPO problem, but made a big difference to my mood.

I then decided to see what drivers were available to me for this network card. Found that there was a signed Microsoft driver for the SiS 900, so I decided to try this before having to go onsite with a new network card. Installed the driver, rebooted the system and noticed a flurry of file transfers from the server to the PC. Yay!

I shall now make sure that if I see the problem in the future to see if there's a signed Microsoft driver for the network card before getting hot under the collar (especially as the amount of wood to chop up is getting lower!).

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, thanks for this! I was having the same problem with some new Dells I'd purchased and did an XP downgrade on. I tried all the same things you did - I'd even searched for a new driver after reading KB938449. However, after seeing that you'd tried the exact same things, I looked again (not on Dell's site), and found an updated Realtek driver, which solved my problem pretty much instantly.

Thanks again!