Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Exchange Server 2003 - Migration From IMAP4

Had to migrate mailbox contents from an MDaemon Pro 8.x installation to an SBS2003 installation. Client was only using WorldClient, so I decided to use the Migration Wizard to migrate from an IMAP4 server. I had already used the Active Directory Migration Tool to migrate users, groups and computers, so account creation wasn't needed.
I fired up the Migration Wizard and proceeded to get stuck when it asked for a User List file. A bit of hunting found me this page
which provided the format for the user list file. Thankfully MDaemon has a nice account export feature, so I was able to export to CSV, then use Excel to get the extracted information into the necessary format. The format required is as follows:


The header is needed. The Migration Wizard then went and matched up the mailboxes to existing accounts. All account mapping were correct and the migration then proceeded without a hitch.
Another useful time-saving migration tool is the File Server Migration Toolkit. It makes share and security migration a breeze. The DFS Consolidation Root capability also allows the migration to occur leaving the orginal UNC path intact! Very, very slick!

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