Tuesday, February 01, 2011

IPocalypse Now + Resources to Learn IPv6

Happy IPocalypse Day – APNIC today were allocated the two remaining /8 networks from IANA. This means that all the free IP addresses have now been assigned to the various regional registrars and that the free pool of IPv4 addresses will be used up over the coming years (months?), which will make life interesting for hosting businesses. It’s probably a good idea to track the Potaroo blog if you’re interested in global IPv6 developments.

If you've got anything to do with the operations of a computer network or deal with hosting in any way now's the time to start learning about IPv6. Here are some useful links to Web sites and books to learn about IPv6:

IPv6 Survival Guide - TechNet Wiki
Microsoft Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) - TechNet
The Lazy Admin - IPv6 101–Part 1
The Lazy Admin - IPv6 101-Part 2
The Lazy Admin - IPv6 101-Part 3
The Lazy Admin - IPv6 101-Part 4

IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition (Silvia Hagen, O'Reilly Media)
IPv6 Network Administration (Niall Richard Murphy & David Malone, O'Reilly Media)
Understanding IPv6, Second Edition (Joseph Davies, Microsoft Press)

For those of you that dislike anything Microsoft please don't dismiss those links or books. Microsoft to their credit have been very proactive in the deployment and transition of IPv6 and have some excellent IPv6 resources. If you have any good IPv6 resources not listed above, please share them! I’ll update this post accordingly.

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