Saturday, December 04, 2010

Compiling Firebird 1.5.x on FreeBSD 4.x Requires GCC 3.2

Note to self: when compiling 5+ year old code on a 5+ year old operating system, it helps to use a version of GCC that compiles the resultant code cleanly and more importantly in a portable manner.

GCC 3.3 has a broken libstdc++ that prevents static linking – you end up with unresolved symbols.

Both GCC 3.3 and GCC 3.4 will end up requiring dynamic linking of libstdc++ and libgcc_s – not helpful if you’re trying to be portable and don’t want to pollute a system with the gcc33 or gcc34 package.

Hopefully I’ve seen the last of this problem, but if I don’t write it down now it will only turn around and bite me in several years time

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