Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sophos Enterprise Console - Stuck on Connecting to Server

    I have a problem on an SBS 2003 Premium Edition box (2 NICs and running ISA Server) where launching the Enterprise Console sits forever at the connection screen.

    This is the same problem even if I perform a console-only install to a separate box.

    The drastic remedy is to reboot the server. By using the console on a separate box I was able to use TCPView to find that EnterpriseConsole.exe was connecting to MgntSvc.exe on the server.

    I then tried stopping the service from the command line:

    > net stop "Sophos Management Service"

    Which resulted in me being told that the service could not be stopped. I then used PsKill to stop the service:

    > pskill "Sophos Management Service"

    And I then restarted the service:

    > net start "Sophos Management Service"

    This then allowed me to successfully use the Enterprise Console.


Anonymous said...

Nice... or you can open task manager and kill process MngmtSvc.exe

stryqx said...

Err... yeah.

MngmtSvc.exe looks like its one of those services running with LocalSystem privileges that allows death by Task Manager.

Generally when I see process running with LocalSystem privileges I use PsTools or Process Explorer to kill them.