Monday, January 15, 2007

Outlook Web Access 2003 New E-mail Problem

One of my clients contacted me to say that their Distribution Lists weren't working in Outlook Web Access 2003. Due to the roaming nature of staff and the lack of Outlook installed on the PCs, I was unable to get them to switch to Outlook to check if the problem occurred there.

I spent a bit of time on it earlier this evening, only to find that I got a cryptic "The item could not be found. It may have been deleted" error pop up when trying to send an e-mail to a Distribution List created in the user's Contacts.

OK. Back to basics. I created a new Distribution List and added the addresses one by one. Wouldn't you know it, the problem only reared its ugly head on the last email address. Interestingly, the same problem occurred when I entered in the email address into a new message.

I looked at the Contact entry with the associated email address and found the cause of the problem - there was a trailing space at the end of the email address. I backtracked the cause of the error - an import of e-mail addresses from Alt-N's WorldClient created a trailing space for each imported address. How very nice of the Exchange Migration Wizard to create Contact entries with invalid email addresses. Grrr.

Looks like I'll be writing a script to strip trailing spaces from the email fields of the Contact entries...


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